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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  August 3, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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wynn court when some guy walks up, and grabs the little girl's arm. >> she ran i guess the dog chased or something like that. chased the guy, and she got away. >> reporter: police say the man ran away, after the little girl's dog attacked and bit him, and the child is okay. >> because i have children. a handful of grandchildren, and i love children. when i heard something happened to children that hurt me, because i love children. >> reporter: one man says it's up to everyone to keep the neighborhood safe, and hopefully make sure something like this never happens again. >> oh, security. you know? i mean patrolling the block, you know? that community patrolling starts with you us, you know? we've got to patrol our block. >> reporter: while police only have a vague description of the suspect, neighbors want him locked up in jail. >> they can say a person, he deserves to be behind bars. that's where a person like that
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>> reporter: a potential crisis, and devastating situation stopped by man's best friend. reporting in prince william county, michael quander, wusa9. information new on a scare at a d.c. doggy daycare facility. a bulldog named fred was killed after attacking his owner last month. the centers for disease control now tells us, that dog did not have rabies, despite some initial tests that showed he did. animal owners at dogma daycare and boarding southeast were concerned because the dog did spend several days there. this was found written on a wall inside a bathroom at the norfolk naval shipyard. the entire base did not shut down, but some of the buildings were evacuated. crews searched for a few hours. they didn't find anything. yesterday, six bomb threats were made on two locations in nearby norfolk. five of them to the jeb little
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a man was killed, he fell four floors to his death from a building under construction on the college park campus. we don't know his name just yet. university of maryland police, and the health and safety okay paights are looking -- occupation are looking into this accident. the two officials are health secretary, dennis schrader, and wendy peters. the treasurer is refusing to sign their paychecks because of a battle between republican governor larry hogan, and the democrat controlled senate. hogan appointed them when the legislature was not in session. the senate wasn't happy, now the treasurer is refusing to pay them until they go through a full appointment process, and that includes a senate vote. all right, let's get to some headlines from across the country. a new poll says president trump's approval rating continues to fall. it was done
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university. it said only 33% of people who responded approved of his time so far. that is a 7% drop from june 29. his disapproval rating went up to 61% during that same time. a trip to the pool ended with a trip to the hospital for dozens of people in north carolina. 33 of them ended up there after getting sick yesterday at a ymca in durham. most of the victims were churn. turns out there was a chemical malfunction that allowed two chemicals to mix, which gave off noxious fumes. >> they said i needed to meet them at the emergency room. >> it's very scary, because that's my only child. >> all the children in yesterday's incident are expected to be okay. but certainly, you can understand why that was pretty scary. emergency crews will inspect that pool before it's reopened, but it's not clear when that will happen. a british hacker who was hailed a hero for stopping the spread of a massive cyber
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arrest in the u.s. marcus hutchens is accused of helping to create, and spread banking malware in 2014. the fbi arrested him in las vegas. here's chris martinez. >> reporter: marcus hutchens is accused of helping create, and spread malicious software, targeting bank accounts worldwide. the 23-year-old is one of two people named in an indictment, and faces six counts of hacking related crimes for creating, and distributing the chronos banking malware. it was spread through email, and allowed users to steal online banking passwords. in may, hutchens helped stop the spread of a ransom wear called wannacry. a malware that paralyzed computers in about 130 countries. at the time, hutchen was called a hero. >> i was just doing my job, and i don't really think th
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hero at all. >> reporter: hutchens, a uk citizen and resident was in las vegas for two of the biggest hacker and cyber security conferences, and was at the airport, about to leave the country at the time of his arrest. chris martinez, cbs news, los anles. you know what's trending online right now? it's a vending machine. but not for junk food, for shellfish. keep it chill. >> a mysterious dog appeared off the coast, and it turns out it traveled hundreds of miles to get there. >> we're still tracking a couple of heavy storms. eventually, headed into montgomery county. we'll come back and talk about where the storms are, and made some changes for the weekend forecast. we'll explain.
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all right, let's go trending now, the french have created a new kind of vending machine. >> like for croissants? >> you know, actually no. notcroissants or candy or chips, but oysters. it's just a big old fridge, so they stay fresh. it's open 24/7, the boxes cost between 18 and $40, based on how many oysters you get. a group of doctors in egypt have taken their medical skills to the kitchen. they've opened up a surgery themed restaurant. united by a love of food, ten full time doctors run it together. the kitchen was modeled after an operating room. although that doesn't look so good. they incorporated medical terms into the names of dishes.
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what those names are though. they're not in the prompter. >> bloody mary, probably stuff like that. in new orleans, this mermaid dock showed up yesterday, and no one knew where it came from. it was originally in key west florida, about 500 miles away. the coast guard says it was attached to a hotel dock, but broke off during a storm. no one was on it. now, they're trying to return it. so you know what sparks most arguments between couples in america. it is money. a new poll finds 48% of people in a serious relationship admit to fighting over finances. 60% complain that either one person is spending too much, or one person is being too frugal. >> one of the worst fears for anyone on live tv. this you've got to watch ou
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journalist live from a park in russia. and boom. punched him in the face. a reporter was at an event, honoring paratroopers. the man who punched him was later arrested. police describe him as a known soccer hooligan, and known to cause trouble. if you don't know what a soccer hooligan is, google it. yeah. >> yikes. today is new england patriots tom brady's 40th birthday. happy birthday. and among quarterbacks, many consider him to be the greatest of all-time, or goat for sure. they thought they would humble him a bit. the patriots brought in actual goats. five of them. one for each of brady's super bowl wins. the goals were roaming around, and taking pictures. then he set up a petting zoo. i've got to admit, pretty darn cute. >> and creative too. five
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redskins training camp continues to roll along in richmond, and we're going to hear from one of the team's big off-season additions, coming up in sports. >> a fight after a a developer wants to build over an old cemetery.
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the man accused of killing his boss at a cvs will be held without bond. bernard deuce jr. made his first court appearance today. that was this morning. police arrested him, he's 76 years old. the homicide happened back on july 26 at the cvs on black well road in warrenton. the victim was found dead near a dumpster, and we still don't know what may have happened between those two men. they're still trying to figure that out. in montgomery county, we've got a david vs. goliath story to update you on. it's about the last little african american church in the westwood section of bethesda. it's off riverwood road. you drive by it every day, and
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the problem is, county records say there is a lost african american cemetery somewhere under all the concrete. >> i'll admit it, this is one weird place to come looking for an old graveyard, because all i'm finding is black top, and bushes. >> it's part of the cemetery location in these bushes here. where we are standing. it's still cemetery area, but it's under asphalt. >> reporter: harvey matthew sr. played here as a kid. but the only thing left of the thriving african american community that used to be here is the old macedonia baptist church, over near the whole foods store. >> i don't want that history to be completely wiped away. >> reporter: in february, protesters successfully put a hold on a development application to put in 1.8 million square feet of new living and
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graveyard that matthews says got buried sometime before 1968 when apartments were put up. >> aren't you standing in the way of progress? >> i might be standing in the way of progress, but somebody has to take a stand. >> reporter: the county's old documents say there was a historic african american graveyard here, but they can't find records of what happened when it got covered over. were the graves moved? matthews thinks finding evidence is not likely. instead, he says the church will settle, if developers carve out just a little bit of that 1.8 square feet for a small monument, and space for a little museum, to acknowledge this area's african american history. >> seems to me, history was wiped away once. you don't want it to happen a second time. >> correct. so people riding through this area, near and fall, can know this was a black community here
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>> reporter: scott broom, wusa9. a mediation session is expected later this month, representatives for that developer, equity 1, declined to talk about the situation, because of those ongoing talks. so i'm hanging out with topper in the weather center, and he was just talking to me before about the eclipse. >> do you have plans? >> i don't have plans, i'm definitely going to see it. it's going to peak around 3:00 in the metro area. we need clear skies. that is huge. that's a huge thing. let's start with that, because we're inside three weeks. here is the deal. you can find more of of this information on my facebook page, and melissa's facebook page. the start time for us, 1:15. we get 85% coverage. it ends at 4:01, so you want to be outside at quarter to 3:00, if not the
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70miles shadow in the totality. it's going to travel at 2,000 miles per hour across the 48 states. even if you have protective eyewear, you can't look at the sun for more than three minutes. that's serious stuff. the next solar eclipse 2034. this is a cool thing. all the astronomers i've talked to, this is like the super bowl of super bowls for them, and they're actually leaving town, and they're going to go where they can see totality. you can actually study the sun's corona. nasa is going to be talking about that. it's 88, but it feels like it's 96 outside. over the last hour, this is the radar. this big storm has been actually growing in intensity, and back building in the sterling area and dulles airport. big storms moving north of 70, and there's still storms out toward
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we're going to zoom in here. this is not severe. this is white oak, rolling acres. just heavy rain. to the east of coldsville and 29. this is a storm that continues to develop, and actually develop back to the west. now it covers much of the dulles access road. rainfall rate basis 1.5 inches per hour. this could move into ashburn junction. they're moving very, very slowly. much like yesterday. there was some damage, a downed tree near church road, and mount oakwood road around woodmore. they do have heavy rain, and some of them will have gusty winds. heavy isolated storm early tonight. morning camp temps, low 70s, and low 80s. the best chance of storms
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be midnight. i think your barbeque is going to be okay. 92 tomorrow. 85 on saturday and sunday. 83 on monday and tuesday. monday and tuesday right now look like yellow weather alert delays. so 70s to start. we ramp up to 80 by 9:00. 85 by 11:00. 88 by 1:00. look at saturday. just beautiful. 85. gorgeous on sunday. also, 85. again, maybe some 50s saturday night in the burbs. rain and showers, and thunderstorms monday, tuesday, and thursday. nats back in town for a long home stand. a week from tonight, redskins will have their first preseason game, yes! best thing about the preseason is just seeing the uniforms finally back on the
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tarell pryor looked great. we all know it will matter on sunday, catching balls from a new tale. pryor is a former quarterback turned wide receiver, and he could be a steal. >> i try to be the best teammate i can be. i'm not here to think i'm better than anybody. i'm just here to do my side, and try to make the redskins grow, and go to the next level. remember hearing this outside of the stadium, programs, get your game day programs. yeah, you wanted to get that game day program. checking social media, about the redskins, that's what it sounds like, everything is great. everything is good. players working hard, getting in early, staying late. that's what we do here at wusa9. the coach is happy, players happy. i'm here to just gently reel it back in to remind e
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fans, they didn't make the playoffs last year, they've got a lot to prove. i would hope the tone would be a little edgier out at camp. it's great to be positive. optimistic, and all. but my goodness, let's not get carried away. talk to me about the redskins in november. i'm a pessimist by nature. >> can you see the glass half full, please? really, frank, you're bringing us down here. >> you read everything on social media these days. we're addicted to these things. >> this is how it starts every year. expectation, the anticipation, the excitement. you're just encouraging them to take that through the whole season. >> glass half full. i don't know about this guy. coming up at 6:00, you're going to hear from the first openly transgender party member to run for the virginia house of delegates. >> up next, meet the family in a now viral video of two sisters surprised
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adoption of their new sibling.
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it's a viral all over the world. the priceless reaction of two sisters. i love this, surprised by a new bundle of joy. a baby girl just adopted by their texas patientses. now,
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>> reporter: in the pruitt home chaos comes in cute sizes. the sounds every parent understands, even cherishes. >> it's almost like god spoke to her first, then he had to convince me later. >> inspirations really. >> jesus is looking at his disciples and said i will not leave you as orphans. >> reporter: but not everyone knew. if there was a noisy moment to capture, it was this. >> it's genuine. >> reporter: reagan and harper, two unsuspecting sisters. >> she said your new baby
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sister, and my mind blew up. >> your mind blew up? what does that even look like. >> going to make me cry. >> reporter: that would also be the world's reaction to the video. shared, watched millions of times. but what a mother and father saw was genuine love. >> total perfect picture of their personalities. the younger one is feisty. saying, are you kidding me? it's so her, and our oldest daughter just has such a sweet and compassionate heart. >> do you think she's beautiful? >> yeah. >> reporter: a family of 6 becomes 7. >> a baby sister? >> reporter: with challenges, sure, but outweighed by these moments. >> they fight over who gets to hold her. they fight over who gets to feed her. they don't fight over who gets to change the diaper. she gets handed back
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>> reporter: in the pruitt home, where noise is welcome. >> the pruitt's have two other adopted children. titus is from uganda, and has cerebral palsy, elliott is nearly 2 years old, and the family is still in touch with his birth mother as well. this is a yellow alert day. here is wusa9's first alert weather. >> much like the past couple of evenings, the storms that do develop are heavy. this is radar. this is the storm that just had a severe thunderstorm warning issued on it. heavy storms south of that into 95, moving up toward woodbridge, and pretty big storms also north of 70. let's concentrate on this storm. loudoun county, and montgomery county. leesburg, you're in the warning, as is sterling. got to slow folks down at dulles airport. just to the north of 50. it's moving off to the northeast at about 15, 18 miles per
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6:29, and could be toward the soccerplex in upper montgomery county. could be some hail in this. looks like pretty good sized hail, just to the north of 50. that's not confirmed yet, but certainly, that could be a big problem in terms of, you know, trying to get through that storm, trying to get home tonight. after 9:30 tonight, we're in pretty good shape with inches in the 70s, upper 70s, to around 81 or so. we will come back. we will talk about the weekend, and changes that lie ahead. we've got some breaking news in maryland. a 4-year-old girl and her uncle are dead. they drowned in a pool. it happened this afternoon a short time ago in saverna park, maryland. in anne arundel county. the kids who saw it all happen say the 4-year-old jumped into the deep end of the pool, but she didn't know how to swim. they try today help her. they extended a pole


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